How we work

How thought leadership marketing communications can work for you

The Process
The development of impactful and effective marketing and communication strategies typically involves the steps outlined here.

Phase I: Input and Content Development

Phase I begins with a meeting between SMG and the client to discuss your marketing plan/program or project in detail and identify specific information to be included. This allows for direct input from client decision-makers on message and approach. This phase also includes the development and presentation of positioning, theme and accompanying text and design direction for all tactical elements of an integrated program

Phase II: Presentation for review and approval

Recommendations will be presented in marketing action plan document, along with all supporting data including but not limited to interviews, primary research, secondary research, etc.  Creative concepts may also be presented in rough form at this time.  In most cases, the marketing action plan is reviewed and revised before creative work begins.

Phase III: Revisions and Implementation

Marketing document and creative materials are finalized to reflect client feedback. An action plan is implemented according to a marketing calendar with scheduled periodic evaluations to determine program effectiveness.

The Deliverables

A marketing plan document that covers all the bases and addresses all your audiences: executive management, the board, investors, your company employees and partners.

An action plan document that outlines the tactics to make your plan successful: that includes all the traditional marketing communications mix such as public relations, trade shows, direct response, web site, and more.  Budgets and time lines for deliverables are included.